The Basics

  • PlotBridge will be called PB for short.
  • BEP20 Tokens issued by PB(such as WXCC/WXCH) will be called WXX for short.
  • Blockchain networks and coins corresponding to WXX will be called XX for short.


WXX is the BEP20 token issued by PB on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The initial mint amount for WXX is 0. Source code for WXX contracts are open and can be found in BSC block explorer website.

Address Binding

PB maintains a wallet for XX. The deposit addresses of XX are generated in the PB wallet, and stored in BSC chain with WXX contract. PB keeps there are enough free deposit addresses available in BSC chain for deposit address binding. When user bind deposit address, a free deposit address will be allocated, and the relationship between BEP20 address of user and the allocated deposit address are then stored in BSC chain.

Withdraw address of XX are always obtained from user input. When user bind the withdraw address, the relationship between BEP20 address and the withdraw address are then stored in BSC chain.

User can rebind withdraw address to a new XX address with WXX contract.


PB system keeps tracking the XX wallet. When a deposit transaction with enough confirmations(such as 10 confirmations) found and the amount are validated, it then be stored and put into the minting queue. PB system keeps tracking the minting queue, and mint WXX tokens accordingly.


User may burn WXX tokens with the PB web App. PB system keeps tracking the BSC chain. When a burn transaction is detected with enough confirmations (such as 10 confirmations), it will be stored and put into the withdraw queue. PB system keeps tracking the withdraw queue, and send XX coins back to the XX withdraw address bind in BSC.

Please note that after withdraw address rebind, it may require some time for PB system to update the XX withdraw address. If user wants to ensure the withdrawal to arrive the new address, please burn WXX after some time(like 10 minutes) of the rebind.

Safety Considerations

All XX coin deposited are stored in the PB system wallet. We are planning to collect then into a single address. It may be better for the community audit.

WXX are minted only when XX deposit, and are burnt for XX withdrawal. This can ensure NO overdraft for WXX.

For better safety, we completely separate web APP and PB system. The only connection between them is the BSC blockchain network.

Current Status

Tokens issued

All tokens are issued in Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Coin NameCoin SymbolToken SymbolContract AddressTrading Pair
HDDcoinHDD/images/whdd.png WHDD0xb558F597076babcC66250714F93A7b869Db26dB5WHDD/PBP
ChivesXCC/images/wxcc.png WXCC0x1aDCC92C322c21e387e6112bf162858AF208ff3aWXCC/PBP
FlaxXFX/images/wxfx.png WXFX0x006294e75C3CE65910Cf6fa0EA57Dcf058dc30b0WXFX/PBP

More tokens will be added in the future. Suggestions are welcome.