How to wrap XCC into BSC chain token WXCC?

  1. It is recommended to use Chrome to visit PlotBridge.
  2. Before visit PlotBridge, you need install Chrome extension of MeteMask wallet, and register an account for the wallet.
  3. Login MetaMask wallet, connect to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.
  4. Run PlotBridge at url:
  5. Click “Connect Wallet”, will pop up a window let you confirm for the connect.
  6. The address of the wallet will displayed on top if wallet connection succeed.
  7. You need at least one NFT to run bridge,one NFT can bind every the type of coins,you can mint NFT by yourself or choose buy NFT on marketpalce,you also can sell your own NFT on marketplace.
  8. Select one NFT that you have,and select the coin type that you want to convert(here we select XCC as a demo),then click the ‘Get deposit address for XCC’button.
  9. On the middle of the page, shows the bridge address which can receive tokens (e.g., Chives). Each NFT has a unique bridge address. You can send tokens from your wallet or your exchange account.
  10. Click the address, it will be kept in the system clipboard and used as a receiving address for you to send coins.
  11. The PlotBridge will convert received chives tokens(xcc) coins to BEP20 token WXCC and save them in your MetaMask wallet. You may swap the tokens to other tokens (e.g., BNB) in swap panel.
  12. PlotBridge will charge a small amount of XCC as a transaction fee.
  13. You can enter the number of XCC’s in the input field, and the page displays the number of tokens WXCC’s that will eventually be exchanged and sent to your MetaMask wallet.